Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lodging Info

Check out the Local Info tab for info on the suggested places to patronize in the lodging  department. Same deal as last year !! That's all for now folks .


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I want to throw a bit of promo out for a Grinder that is going down in Colorado called Colorado Dirt !! 135 + miles and at least three climbs to 10,000ft !! Check the details here

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 update

Planning is under way at this time. I've been busy with course layout and the Q sheets for the 2013 version of this beast. We have secured some very nice sponsor's for this years event as well. For more current updates check in on the Odin's Facebook page. There has been a flurry of activity there on sponsor's,sign up info and the like. I also have an actual .com site that will hopefully be up and running soon. Here is the FB link   


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Preliminary Recap

The dust is still settling on the Inaugural 2012 Odin’s Revenge gravel race.  The terrain and weather in Western Nebraska proved treacherous for those who took the challenge this year.  Of the 28 riders who were brave enough to take the starting line, only six were still on their bikes by the end of the day.
The morning began with a cool fog and the distant rumble of thunderstorms to the South.  Within a few hours, the morning gave way to high humidity and triple-digit temperatures.  The stifling heat began to take its toll as rider after rider dropped from the roster.  Although, only six individuals finished the race, many individual tests of strength showed that this field had strength of character in spades.  It’s the shared suffering and respect for each other’s efforts that take a group of cyclists and makes them a community.  Gravel Racers; Thanks for allowing Odin’s Revenge to become a part of that community.   
A full account of the events is in the works, but for now this will have to suffice.  More pictures and commentary can be found at the Odin’s Revenge Facebook Page.

A selection of pics from the day:

Of course, bike ogling is expected.

The Team DSG brewmaster, Nate Bell at work.

"Sprite" ran a great support crew.

More stories and chatter.

CQ and MG

The Weatherman (Dennis Phillips), back in Nebraska.

Mike Johnson, pre-race.

Berly Brown, pre-race. 
Lane Bergen and others assemble for the start. 
Some of the field awaiting the start.

Early leaders setting the pace.

The field . . . between fields.

Into the abyss.

MG, Cornbread, and Mike 

Matt Wills on his SS on Deer Creek Road.

Noah from NY 
MG in the powder of Government Pocket

Mike Johnson was on a steady pace all day.

DSG member Lane Bergen settling in.

Dennis Phillips working the single speed.

Noah Schabacker 
The North Platte crew on Cottonwood Creek late in the day.

Odin’s Revenge 2012 Results
Mike Marchand - 1
st  Men’s Open- 12 hrs 48min - Kearney, NE
Matt Gersib - 2
nd  Men’s Open – 13 hrs 20min - Lincoln, NE
Mike Johnson - 3
rd Men’s Open – 16 hrs 13 min - Cedar Falls, IA
Ben Cooper - 4
th Men’s Open – 16 hrs 37 min - North Platte, NE
Jeff Caldwell - 4
th Men’s Open – 16 hrs 37 min - North Platte, NE
Randall Smith - 4th Men’s Open – 16 hrs 37 min -  North Platte, NE
Craig Schmidt  - 1
st Team Relay – 14 hrs 40 min - Lincoln, NE
Andrew Keffer - 1
st Team Relay – 14 hrs 40 min - Lincoln, NE
Shane Bappe - DNF - Cozad, NE
David Beattie - DNF - Wildwood, MO
Delley Bergen - DNF - Paxton, NE
Lane Bergen - DNF - Paxton, NE
Paul Bradsby - DNF - North Platte, NE
Berly Brown - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Ashley Frear Cooper - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Robert Dyer - DNF - Cozad, NE
Mark Falloon - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Corey Godfrey - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Emily Grace - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Dennis Phillips - DNF - Fruita, CO
Elisabeth Reinkordt - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Michael Rhodes - DNF - Boulder, CO
Robert Sack - DNF - Grand Island, NE
Noah Schabacker - DNF - Brooklyn, NY
Aaron Schnee - DNF - Lincoln, NE
Martin Stoddard - DNF - Cozad NE
Matt Wills - DNF - Lincoln, NE

Dust Clearing

With the dust clearing on an incredible inaugural running of Odin's Revenge, we are preparing to give a full report.  What a tremendous day . . .

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Final Notes

Just a couple of additional notes;  Everything is pretty much ready to go.  Note that during check-in, we will have live music brought to you by Paul Siebert from 4-7 with the riders meeting to follow.  Look for the awnings on the North side of the KOA office.

We have some great items from out sponsors to give away in addition to prizes for the top finishers and the cool awards below.

The Paxton Coyote has the awards almost complete . . .

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Event Particulars


Rider check in 4-7 pm at the Gothenburg KOA Campground
Rider Meeting at 7 pm


6 am start time
Half-way cutoff 4 pm (10 hours after start)


- Headlight and Rear Blinky
- Computer or GPS on Bike
- Cell Phone (note that it should remain off unless you are calling to end your participation)
- Enough Food and Water for 60 Miles
- Compass is Highly Recommended

3 Drop Bags Allowed
- one the first checkpoint, one at the halfway mark, and one at first checkpoint on the second leg