Wednesday, June 6, 2012

North Leg Teaser

I had a chance to drive the North Section of the course last night with the family and have a few observations to share;

The course is in awesome shape.  With the exception of two corners (which will be flagged) is fairly straightforward to navigate.

Here are a few pictures that show the variety of the terrain.  I think riders will love how the course tosses in the unexpected.  CQ really did a bang up job on the course layout.  I have to say it elicited a menacing laugh or two as I drove it in the family truckster.


  1. I can honestly say that I am baffled by how beautiful Nebraska really can be! I'm exited to explore some more of my great state. All the suffering endured during this race will be more than worth it just to be out on this course!

  2. Woohoo! This looks awesome! Thank you!! I'm excited!!

  3. Once one gets away from the river valley and I-80 the scenery is much better. I'm just now back from testing the cues on the South section and am reminded of a descriptor uttered by MG and Guitar Ted when they came out to Potter's a while back . . . "this is big country riding". The South section is in the hills surrounding Potter's so that "big country" feel is present for sure. Will post a few teaser pics soon.