Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Around the Corner

Thus begins the general ramble on all things Odin's as we get close to the event; If you have burning questions, post them in the comments and we will address them.


The pre-race meeting will be at 8:00 P.M. at the KOA Campground on Friday, June 29th.  This is a mandatory meeting.  There will be live music and general shenanigans as well.

The Ride Itself

There are two legs to the course, one to the South of the start/finish point and one to the North.  There are multiple checkpoints on both legs of the course.  You must pass through every checkpoint along the way.  Directions for two checkpoints will be given to support crews to help you resupply.  You may forego this option and have a drop bag at these checkpoints.  The first resupply checkpoint will occur around the 70 mile mark.  This means that you must have enough water and provisions to make it 70 miles self supported, you will pass through the start/finish point halfway through the event (97 miles) and may resupply there as well.  During the second leg, one support/resupply point will occur at 42 miles.  The second leg will conclude back at the start/finish point at almost 82 miles.  Support personnel are ONLY allowed at the two "support" checkpoints and the start/finish line.  If  riders are being assisted on the course at any other time, we will assume it is for a bail out and the rider will be disqualified.  Be advised that you must finish the ride on the same bike that you started.  Although we are allowing limited support, you are asked to keep the grass-roots, self supported nature of the event in mind.

Remember that the event will start in the dark and many folks will come across the finish line in the dark as well.  We require, in order to be visible, that you have a rear blinky and some sort of front illumination as well.

We have some great items to share with riders from our generous sponsors.  We'll toss out a lot of swag at the pre-race meeting.  Thanks to Revelate Designs, the overall winner will get a really nice set of frame bags.  

We have plenty more to cover in the upcoming days and weeks, so stay tuned.


  1. What's the elevation profile for the ride, please?

  2. Can you please provide details about the relay option? Thanks, Ashley and Berly

  3. Regarding the elevation profile - I don't think that's something that we are going to release. I know from my drive on the North Section last night that one will generally see lows of 2,400 feet and highs of 3,000 feet. It may not sound like a lot of room for variation, but the course travels between the edges of this range often.

    The relay - One rider on the team will start with the main group at the beginning of the day (5:00 rollout). When they complete the South Section (96.5 miles) and cross the start/finish line, the second rider on the team will head out on the North Section (81.6 miles). Which rider rides which section will be determined by a random option (draw straws, coin flip, etc.) prior to the beginning of the event.

  4. Drop bags: Who is delivering drop bags to checkpoints? And will there be water available at the checkpoints? Thanks a lot!

  5. Regarding Drop Bags; The will be brought to the checkpoint by the person manning the station when they head out. Water will be available on the South Leg at checkpoint 1 (42.6 miles), and checkpoint 2 (69.6 miles), and of course the end of the leg (96.5 miles). On the North Leg at the 42 mile checkpoint and again at the end (81.6 miles.) Drop bags will be available to you at checkpoint 2 on the South side and at the 42.6 mile checkpoint on the North leg. It's recommended to have two separate drop bags if you want one at each drop point. If you have a support person, they will be given directions to both of the "drop" points as well.